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It is unofficial and has no connections with the Ministry of Defence or individual services except through the site's users.

Find Military Uniform singles admirers with Uniform Dating free to join dating service where you can search online personals and post free photo ads.

I'm happy to write that I will not be renewing my Veggie Date membership; I have no further need for your service, and my wife would also disapprove.

Camille and I met almost a year ago through Veggie Date.

Uniform is the best, largest and easiest dating club for military friends and singles from Army, Navy, Air Forces, Coast Guard, Police Forces and Firefighers, as well as their admirers.

Email, Chat, Message Board, Global Email, and many more.

Veggie Date is considered by many to be the premier vegetarian dating site in the world.

Our members include vegans, lacto vegetarians, ovo vegetarians, pescatarians (fish and vegetable eaters), semi-vegetarian, those who are becoming vegetarian and macrobiotic eaters.

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