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France has more than 300 Black Madonna places of worship and over 150 Black Madonna statues still in existence.

During our spiritual pilgrimage we'll visit several of the most - one of the lands of profound mystery on our Mother Earth - is primed to give up her secrets as humanity rejoices in the prophesied planetary return of the Goddess.

From ancient times to the present, people have undertaken pilgrimages to Her shrines as a way to explore Her mysteries, as well as to receive Her miraculous healing, transformation and inspiration.Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials Martz Farm Treehouses and Cabanas Im undoubtedly dating myself when I refer to the Laura Ingalls Wilder childrens novels (later TV series) Little House on the Prairie.The series is a recollection of childhood memories regarding a pioneer family in the 1870s making a home in the untamed American Midwest.The role of the railway guard has been in the news recently due to various industrial disputes in London and beyond.With debate set to continue over the role in the coming months, this seems an appropriate time to look at the role of the railway guard and its relevance today.