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Kenneth Branagh directs a classical Cinderlla with slight brushes of modern feminism.There are two moments that stand out, that are different to the original story, which aren’t really spoilers, because we all know how this ends.

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Renovating and rebuilding Barholm wasn’t an easy task “because it was listed as a scheduled monument by Historic Scotland, which meant you couldn’t alter the building in any way,” Ms. “It took us four years to get the scheduled monument status removed and obtain the relevant planning consents, and three years to restore it.” Renovating the property cost between £700,000 and £800,000 but Historic Scotland (now Historic Environment Scotland) contributed one-fifth of the costs through a grant.The number of women students surpassed men in 1980, and the gap has been widening ever since.Since 2011, more working women have held college degrees than working men.This palace is less Magic Kingdom and more King's Landing, a place where producers use tricks, provocations and copious alcohol to engineer drama and steer aspirants into the requisite roles of "wifey" and "villain." As producer Rachel (Shiri Appleby) describes her job: "I create conditions for the things to happen and then I actually make them happen."Rachel has some big reservations about her job, but she's tied to work by even bigger debts--in part because of a near career-ending meltdown on set--and the fact that she's very, very good at what she does.This season, that means managing 's bachelor, rich British playboy Adam (Freddie Stroma) and goading or gulling the harem into fighting for his attentions.