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It can be chaotic; then there’s Marlon, our Rhodesian ridgeback (named after Brando).

Once the children are ready, we have breakfast, which for me is a juice with cucumber, kale, carrot, ginger and a green apple.

She is married to Maxim Crewe, a partner in a private equity firm, and they have three children and live in west London.

"Your body is at the service of someone else, and this makes you understand immediately that nothing will ever be the same," she continued.

Speaking exclusively to close friend Julia Restoin Roitfeld, who has a blog for young mothers called Rommy and the Bunnies, Elisa revealed she was "in complete awe" when she first saw her baby.

CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE "I was, and still am, in complete awe in front of this miracle.

But it fell into serious disrepair, ending up on the English Heritage at-risk register (a fate befalling only the most neglected of homes). ’ She adds with a twinkle that she thinks she has been an inspiration to other women by taking on a home the size and scale of Fawley single-handedly.

Nonetheless, there was outcry from the community – who regarded the property as part of their heritage – when the Marian Fathers, unable to afford its upkeep, sold Fawley to Aida in 2008.‘I found myself at the epicentre of a war,’ Aida, a divorcée in her 50s, recalls, as we sip tea in one of Fawley’s many grand reception rooms, from china mugs made right here on the estate. But Aida does not consider herself a feminist in any conventional sense. The boundaries we have today are totally alien to me. ” You don’t get much more tolerant than me.’Aida exudes magnanimity, with her large dark eyes and aura of total calm.